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Prostration is one of the special movements in performing prayers. It turns out that this position has been studied by many experts to have good benefits for the body.

Prostration has a posture that at first glance resembles a yoga movement, namely the child's pose. If in prostration, the position of the body on all fours by placing both hands, knees, toes, and forehead on the floor. Then the body from the back is flat to the front and gives an empty space between the stomach and the floor.

Here are the benefits of prostration for the health of the body from various sources:

Easy Baby Delivery


The prayer movement in the form of prostration is highly recommended for women, especially pregnant women. When the crawling position, the fetus in the womb will maintain its normal position. Then when the location of the pelvis and waist is lifted, the abdominal muscles respond fully.

This plays an important role in training the organs in the abdominal area and makes it easier to push during childbirth later. Prostrate by maintaining a normal breath can practice breathing techniques in preparation for straining.

Prevents Breech Babies

The benefits of prostration for the health of the body are still related to childbirth. Prostrate position is the same as open knee chest therapy. Prostration of course relying on the earth's gravitational energy will help position the baby towards the cervix.

It is more optimal in preventing the birth of a breech baby if it is done on an empty stomach and after urinating, because the bladder is empty. We recommend that you continue to consult and be under medical supervision to be on the safe side.

Improves Oxygen Flow and Heart Health

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The prostration position certainly plays a role by positioning the heart above the brain, then flowing oxygen-rich blood. The flow of blood becomes more optimal to the head, brain, and maintains heart health. Other results will improve the function of the entire body's nerve cells.

In addition, the maximum flow of blood and oxygen to the eyes, nose, ears, neck, shoulders, and liver. This will unblock the blood vessels in the heart, then reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Smooths Digestion

The benefits of prostration for health that you can get, namely goodness for the digestive system. The prostration position will make the intestines like being massaged, then launch peristals, which ultimately makes it easier to defecate and prevents hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.

Increases Lymph Flow

In a prostration position with your knees, nose and forehead on the floor. The existence of the earth's gravitational energy helps drain lymph such as the neck, armpits, and head.

Protects the Mammary Glands

The next benefit of prostration for the health of the body is still a matter of women, namely maintaining and repairing the mammary glands. The prostration position will train the abdominal muscles and chest muscles. The weight of the body that is stooped in the front will provide muscle contraction and the effect of repairing the female mammary glands.

Increases Intelligence

The prostration position increases blood flow to the upper body. The more smoothly it certainly provides an adequate supply of oxygen for the heart and brain. So that brain cells can function better and provide intelligence.

Strengthens Muscles

The prostration position that rests on the knees and chest will make the muscles contract, thus making them stronger. Several muscles contract and stretch, such as the muscles of the neck, abdomen, thighs, calves, and arms.

Relieves Headaches and Pain

The next health benefit of prostration is to relieve headaches and pain. The occurrence of stretching of the neck muscles that have been stiff due to stress. The attached forehead provides reflexology and relaxes facial nerves. Finally give a good role in preventing dizziness and headaches.

Treats Insomnia

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping is now experienced by many young millennials. Prostration can be an alternative natural therapy in overcoming your insomnia problem.

Prevents Hernia

Hernia, also known as descending vaginal discharge, is a pain due to the descent of the testicles, the effect of weakening the muscle layer of the abdominal wall. The benefits of prostration for health will be obtained by men with this one function.

The prostration position plays a good role in reducing fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity, thereby relieving hernia pain, and preventing it from recurring.

Overcomes Stress

The emergence of a feeling of calm and comfort by feeling the flow of blood flowing more smoothly. The benefits of prostration for health besides you get for the physical, it is also positive psychological. The calm that is generated will reduce stress, as long as you can do it solemnly and completely surrender to God.

Breath Therapy

In the prostration position, breathe normally and constantly. Air when breathing normally everyday will leave a third in the lungs. It is during this prostration that the abnormal fetra puts more pressure on the diaphragm area, so that the lungs can breathe better and nourish the organ.

The Prophet PBUH said, "You should prostrate more (pray more) to Allah. Because you do not prostrate more for Allah but Allah will exalt you and remove your sins. (Narrated by Muslim no. 488)

Those are some of the benefits of prostration for health that should be known, so that you can surrender yourself more and understand the meaning of worship.