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Rabi Al-Awwal is commonly known as the month of Mawlid. Because, it is the prophet Muhammad's month of birth, precisely on the 12th of Rabi Al-Awwal.

Just like other months, in Rabi Al-Awwal there are several virtues that can be felt by all Muslims without exception.

Rabi Al-Awwal is the third month in the Hijri calendar after the month of Safar.

Rabi Al-Awwal comes from two words, 'Rabi' and 'Awwal' which means the first spring that occurred after the Arabs won the war.

Being the month of the Prophet's birth, this month has many virtues and practices that are recommended for Muslims to do.

Curious about information about Rabi Al-Awwal? Come on, read this article until the end so you can find the virtues and practices in Rabi Al-Awwal that you can do.

Getting to Know Rabi Al-Awwal

Months in the Hijri calendar do have their respective virtues,  Rabi Al-Awwal is considered to be the most noble month of Islam.

Because there are several important events, such as the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and the month of death of the Prophet.

If interpreted, Rabi Al-Awwal consists of two words, namely 'Rabi' (ربيع) which means spring. Then, Awwal, 'Beginning; which is interpreted as the beginning or is interpreted as the first spring.

In this month several Muslims commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad every 12 Rabi Al-Awwal with the commemoration of the Prophet's Birthday.

This commemoration of the Prophet's Birthday is generally commemorated to show their joy at the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Virtues of the Month of Rabi Al-Awwal

As mentioned earlier, Rabi Al-Awwal is the most special month among the other months in the Hijri calendar.

That way, many virtues can be felt by all Muslims this month. Here are some of the virtues of the month of Rabi Al-Awwal that Muslims must know, namely:

1. The Birth and Death of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a prophet who was born in Mecca in Rabi Al-Awwal, precisely on the 12th of Rabi Al-Awwal in the year of the Elephant or 571 AD.

The birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is considered as the birth of the leader of all Muslims and other fillers of the universe. That way, Rabi Al-Awwal is considered to be a special month.

In addition to being born in Rabi Al-Awwal, the Prophet Muhammad also died in the same month as the month of his birth. Mentioned in history, the Prophet Muhammad died in June 632 AD.

2. Month of Salawat

The next virtue of Rabi Al-Awwal is to be a month of salawat. Because of the commemoration of the Prophet's Birthday which encourages Muslims to read more salawat.

By reading salawat and the Quran, you can learn and know the history of the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

3. Month of Blessing

Besides being considered a noble month, Rabi Al-Awwal is also considered a month full of blessings, especially for Muslims.

Because Rabi Al-Awwal is a month of joy and full of blessings for all Muslims on the birth of the Prophet.

Then, the commemoration of the Prophet's Birthday, mosques or assemblies will be filled with all Muslims who bring blessings.

Then, as the month of salawat, this month is full of blessings for those who practice the salawat of the prophet every day.

The Practice of Filling the Privileges of Rabi Al-Awwal

After knowing the virtues of Rabi Al-Awwal, you may want to know the recommended practices to be carried out in this month.

Knowing the practices of Rabi Al-Awwal is intended to be able to get a lot of good rewards in this month.

For that, see more information below.

1. Increase Salawat

One and the main practice that you can do in Rabi Al-Awwal is to multiply salawat. This practice is always carried out because Rabi Al-Awwal is considered the month of salawat.

Even though it is one of the obligatory practices carried out by Muslims, in commemoration of the Prophet's Birthday, it presents an opportunity for Muslims to increase the reading of salawat.

Try to fill the days in Rabi Al-Awwal by reading salawat to Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Reciting salawat is done to ask for blessings and safety and welfare from Allah Glory to Him the Exalted.

2. Sunnah Fasting

Just like in other Hijri months, sunnah fasting is a practice that you can do in Rabi Al-Awwal. You can do some sunnah fasts such as fasting Monday-Thursday and fasting Ayyamul Bidh.

3. Increase Alms

The next practice that is recommended to be done in Rabi Al-Awwal is to give charity. Alms is done to share the little fortune you have with people in need.

By sharing sustenance, it makes some people feel happiness. By doing a lot of alms, you can show happiness at the birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

This was also previously done by the first Arab King, King Al-Mudhaffar Abu Sa`id Kukburi ibn Zainuddin Ali bin Baktakin (b. 549 H. – w. 630 H).

He donated 300,000 dinars in commemoration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad to give charity. He took it out sincerely to give alms on the birthday of Mawlid.

The point is to gather fighting spirit by reading poetry and literary works that tell the story of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

Well, that's information about the virtues and practices of Rabi Al-Awwal that you need to know.

Come on, do the practices to get the virtues of Rabi Al-Awal!