Zhanna Kushnir. Photo By: lastnews21h.com

Russian witch, Zhanna Kushnir admits bewitching a Muslim is not easy, compared to those of other religions. Zhanna often encounters obstacles.

This was dissected in a Tik Tok upload @musalam_tawheed. The post interviewed Zhanna, a sorcerer when dealing with Muslims.

Zhanna said, basically alcohol lowers energy vibrations instantly. Thus, it is easier to prank and take over someone's mind.

“It seems that it is more difficult to influence someone if the mind is kept clean?” asked the man who interviewed Zhanna.

"Yes, of course," replied Zhanna.

From various religions, according to her, it is very difficult to influence Muslims. Because for Zhanna, Muslims are always connected with intangible entities. That is, it is obligatory to pray every day.

“They are always in a kind of 'protective dome'. It's very difficult to infiltrate them. When starting magic, and these Muslims face their 'Superintendent' in prayer,” said Zhanna.

For Zhanna, praying is not a distraction like Christians who only come to church when life is tight. Unlike the Muslims have faith and a strong relationship with the Supervisor (Allah).

“And this supervisor is very protective. So attacking a devout Muslim when he adheres to his religion is very difficult," said Zhanna.

“Is this intangible entity good? For them yes," the man asked. This overseer protects those who worship him.

“Are you able to trace the energy trail of such a person? Then did you try to pull the energy thread but couldn't or something?" the man asked.

For Zhanna this supervisory figure could disappear and could not be caught. Zhanna had once tried to focus by imagining it, but something had pushed her out of the way.

In some cases, Zhanna can imagine non-Muslims very accurately. In other cases, Zhanna cannot imagine being a Muslim.

As Zhanna held the photo, looked and imagined, but disappeared. In contrast to Christians, according to her there are only a few who are obedient.

"Even those who wrote to me in the comments said, I have faith in my heart and profess to be a believer, but it's actually bullshit," concluded Zhanna.