Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world, which has a very wide territorial waters. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has many bridges connecting one region to another.

Starting from small to large bridges, all of them were built to facilitate the mobility of people in each area.

Bridges are one of the infrastructures being built by the government in various parts of Indonesia.

Based on the General Requirements Guidelines for Bridge Planning by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), bridges are road complementary buildings that function to connect two ends of roads that are cut off by rivers, canals, valleys and straits or the sea, highways and railways.

Because the distances between the connected areas are sometimes far, some bridges are built with lengths reaching thousands of meters.

Not infrequently, the bridge that has to connect two far apart areas has become an icon of pride for an area or even has the title of being the longest bridge ever built.

Here are the five longest bridges in Indonesia:

Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu Bridge
The Suramadu Bridge that connects the city of Surabaya with the island of Madura
Photo By: Shutterstock

Suramadu Bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia. The bridge that connects Surabaya and Madura island was inaugurated in 2009. The official name is Suramadu National Bridge.

The bridge, which was built in 2003, consists of an overpass, a connecting bridge, and a main bridge.

This bridge is 5,438 meters long and 30 meters wide. Uniquely, the Suramadu Bridge also provides a special lane for motorcyclists on each side of the outside of the bridge.

The Suramadu Bridge is designed as strong as possible to last even up to 100 years. This target can be achieved with the help of the Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS).

This SHMS technology can extend the service life of the bridge, because deterioration and damage can be detected early.

Besides being the longest in Indonesia, this bridge is also popular with tourists. Because of its popularity, this bridge is often used as a tourist spot. Usually the visitors just cross to Madura just to enjoy the atmosphere of crossing through this bridge.

Pasupati Bridge

Pasupati Bridge
Pasupati Bridge Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Photo By: Ranie Esem on Flickr

The Pasupati Bridge connects the Pasteur Canal and Surapati Street and passes through Cikapundung.

The bridge, which is the pride of the citizens of West Java, stretches for 2,800 meters. The Pasupati Bridge, which is an icon of the city of Bandung, is also known as the Pasupati Flyover.

The name Pasupati itself is taken from two combined street names: Pasteur and Surapati, because this bridge connects Pasteur Street and Surapati Street.

The bridge, which has been operating since 2005, is the second longest bridge in Indonesia, after the Suramadu Bridge in Madura City.

Interestingly, the Pasupati Bridge is the first bridge in Indonesia to use Look Up Device (LUD) technology, thus making it the first earthquake-resistant bridge in Indonesia.

In addition, the uniqueness of the Pasupati Bridge lies in the middle, which is one pole that is quite high and is supported by 19 cable stayed.

Siak Bridge

Siak Bridge
Siak Bridge. Photo By: Imam fahroji

The official name of the Siak bridge is the Tengku Agung Sultanah Latifah Bridge. This bridge is located over the Siak river, Riau.

The construction of this bridge began in 2002 and was inaugurated on August 11, 2007. The length of the Siak bridge is 1,196 meters and the width is 16.95 meters.

This bridge also has a 2.25 meter long walkway on the right and left sides. There are two towers on the bridge which are up to 80 meters high. This tower is used for tourist attractions to enjoy the beauty of the river under the bridge.

Merah dan Putih (Red and White) Bridge

Red and White Bridge
Red and White Bridge in Ambon. Photo By: Akhmad Dody Firmansyah

The Red and White Bridge is located above Teluk Dalam Ambon Island, Maluku. Inaugurated in 2016, this bridge is 1,140 meters long and 22.5 meters wide.

The bridge is divided into three parts: the north side of 520 meters, the south side of 320 meters, and the main bridge of 300 meters.

The Red and White Bridge connects North Ambon and South Ambon in Teluk Ambon District.

The existence of this bridge makes it easier for people to cover a distance of 35 km within 60 minutes to the airport. In addition, visitors can enjoy the scenery around Ambon Bay.

Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge
Ampera Bridge and Musi River are the main icons of Palembang City, South Sumatra. Photo By: Shutterstock/Sandiyanto

The Ampera Bridge stretches for 1.117 kilometers with a width of 22 meters over the Musi River and connects the Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir areas.

The bridge, which has long been an icon of the city of Palembang, is the oldest bridge compared to the previous bridges.

This bridge connects the Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir areas which are separated by the Musi river. Ampera Bridge was built in April 1962 and inaugurated in 1965.

At the beginning of the inauguration, the bridge was named Bung Karno Bridge. However, due to the political upheaval in 1966, the name of the bridge was changed to Ampera Bridge, which stands for the People's Suffering Mandate.