The Koran
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The Koran is a guide for humans. Karyono Ibnu Ahmad admitted that since completing his doctoral program in 1992, many people have consulted him. At first he liked to use Western theory, but once failed miserably with his clients.

"Finally, I switched to using spiritual therapy based on the Koran and the sunnah of the Prophet. It turns out, until now it has never failed," said Karyono, Sunday (05/09/2010) while giving the Koran Energy material at the Arrahim Sultan Adam Mosque in Banjarmasin.

According to him, the Koran is a noble reading because it is from Allah. The energy of the Koran can provide strength, motivation, adversity, and an unyielding spirit. Anyone who practices it will have tremendous success.

In addition, the Koran also functions as an antidote and mercy. Karyono said that he was destined to be sick for five years.

Once he was advised by a friend to try a healthy method of reading the Koran. The trick, one sitting completes 10 juz. After the Isha prayer, the morning at 08.00 local time just finished. He continued to do this until he recovered.

One day in an education and training program, there was a woman who suddenly had a heart attack. Karyono then guided the doctor's wife to say istighfar slowly. Soon, she recovered and was able to join the training. 

"Apparently during istigfar she surrendered extraordinarily. It helped her heartbeat which was originally a signal to be smooth," said Karyono.

There was also an official who experienced stage-four stress. he had been going back and forth to the doctor, but still not cured. After consulting with Karyono, he was trained in istigfar. The person who had not been able to sleep, at dawn called him to say last night he could sleep well without the help of sedatives.

"That is one of the energies of the Koran," said this Islamic psychologist.

Another speaker, Dr. Rudi, reviewed the energy of prayer from a health perspective. According to him, prayer can make people healthier, stronger, and eager to seek sustenance.

"God loves us very much, so five times a day teaches relaxation through prayer movements," said the specialist in internal medicine.

Those who often have back pain, when the spine is pulled back helps fix it in its original position. Likewise, when greeting, tense neck muscles become loose.

"The 5 daily prayers are a combined method of relaxation and remembrance. It can increase endurance," he said.