Kyai (cleric) Fakhruddin and his wife. Photo By: merdeka.com

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to threaten everyone around the world. From ordinary people to the president did not escape the virus.

Reporting from NU online, a Kyai (cleric) named Ahmad Fakhruddin Fajrul Islam never thought he would be sentenced to be positive for Covid-19. He felt physically and psychologically so weak and there was a very heavy burden.

But a miracle from Allah came to him. After undergoing hospitalization for about 16 days at a private hospital in Jombang Regency, East Java, he was finally declared fully recovered and underwent self-isolation at home for 14 days.

Kyai Ahmad Fakhruddin admitted that he only surrendered and relied on God Allah the Almighty by continuing to recite the Koran while in the hospital, until his breath can return to its normal rhythm. Check out the full story below.

Feeling the Shock of Having to Undergo Incentive Care

Kyai Ahmad Fakhruddin Fajrul Islam is a caretaker of the Darul Qowa'id Islamic Boarding School in Diwek, Jombang. Thursday (27/8/2020) night, became an unforgettable day for him. The cleric must be referred to the Jombang Regional General Hospital (RSUD), which is the Jombang Covid Center, to undergo super-intensive isolation treatment in an isolation room.

His condition at that time had a medical crisis status. Accompanied by complaints of high fever, cough with cloudy mucus, weakness, and the most severe shortness of breath with oxygen saturation below 75.

"I was saved by the alertness of the intensive emergency team at the Jombang Regional Hospital who immediately replaced the oxygen hose with an oxygen mask with a bag. Only accompanied by my wife who I saluted could hide the panic," he said on Sunday (27/9/2020).

Feeling Down and Stressed

This UIN Surabaya alumnus explained that the wife's role was very crucial at that time. At 21.00 after being tested positive, Fakhruddin was taken to the isolation room and no one was allowed to guard except officers.

Fakhruddin felt stressed only to be escorted by nurses dressed in full PPE. As well as the quiet atmosphere of the hallway, it was immediately sterilized. Feeling more depressed, when looking in the window many pairs of eyes saw as if he was a dangerous patient.

The atmosphere felt even more tense, when the voice of the security guard sounded, "Clearance lane, watch out for isolation input!" Followed by the rapid movement of people into the room around the path. And the front of the isolation room gate, exactly opposite the Kenanga room, is the morgue.

Thoughts Got Messed Up

That Friday night, Fakhruddin spent the night in an isolation room with his mind starting to wander. Shackled shock, accompanied by pain in the chest. He admitted that he tried to relax and closed his eyes, but suddenly part of the lower abdomen twitched.

Peeing was not allowed in the bathroom, in order to reduce movement. Fakhruddin could only pee through the bedpan independently. He had called three times to the nurse's office to ask to be motivated.

"The mind and heart were in turmoil in the midst of unbearable pain, chest felt tight. That night in my own room with a warm room temperature. Inside there was only a wall clock, telephone, bed, table and bathroom," explained Fakhruddin.

Accompanied by the Koran for Calm

On the seventh and eighth day, Fakhruddin began to feel lighter and determined to pray sitting down. Furthermore, the alumnus of the Tebuireng Madrasatul Qur'an Islamic Boarding School started holding the Mushaf for the Koran. Although slowly, in order to prevent excessive coughing.

Fakhruddin was determined to at least finish the Koran while he was being treated. In addition, daily practice is always maintained with tasbih (exaltation).

3 Healthy Keys Against Covid-19

In order to calm his heart and accompany his loneliness, Fakhruddin 'medicated' himself with a murottal voice from the music box. The beautiful voices of Sheikh Bandar Baleela and Sheikh Al-Mathrud were sung.

Spiritually, Fakhruddin found his rhythm again as before his illness, but this time it felt lighter as if he was not burdened.

"The power to fight pain by improving three sides, physical, psychological and spiritual will eventually give birth to a new mentality. With the same fighting spirit, I feel like I have become a new human being with a DNA fighter," said Fakhruddin.

"Special practice during illness is reading Surah An-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-Ikhlas, the verse of the chair, each of which is read seven times before Maghrib, after Maghrib and Fajr," he added.

Declared Recovered from Covid-19

Finally the long awaited day, God's blessing has come. Kyai Fakhruddin was declared cured on Friday (11/9/2020). Before going home, he had to take another SWAB test.

Sampling by inserting a device into the nose and throat. Rotated while shaking in the deepest cavity of the nose.

While waiting for the test results, Fakhruddin continued to read the Koran from chapters 16 to chapter 24. Immediately, cold sweat dripped from his forehead. He did not feel, he spontaneously cried for the fifth time while in the isolation room.

Until finally around 15:20, the phone rang and it was clearly heard from the control room "Mr. Fakhruddin, you can go home this afternoon, congratulations, you are declared fully recovered, with the condition that you must isolate yourself at home for 14 days." the voice said.

Unstoppable Tears

It didn't stop there. Hearing the happy news, Fakhruddin unconsciously shed tears again.

This incident became a new valuable lesson for him. After recovering, Fakhruddin is determined to continue to invite the public to always comply with the protocols to prevent Covid-19. Because this virus exists and is not a fairy tale.

"Hearing the word fully recovered, I prostrated gratefully on the bed while tears were flowing again. My wife has been on standby since noon at home ready to pick up," said Fakhruddin.

In addition, Fakhruddin expressed his gratitude to the government, the team of doctors, friends, family, and wife who were always there when he was sick. And remind all parties, not to judge Covid-19 patients.

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