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In the midst of the corona virus outbreak, many people feel stressed, sad, anxious and even sick. But did you know that reciting and listening to the Koran can be the cure?

According to a scientific study of Therapeutic Effects of Reciting the Qur'an: A Scientific Study conducted by Dr. Ahmed Al-Qadhi at the Great Clinic of Florida, United States of America proved that physiological changes occurred in the brain nervous system of a sample of patients who listened to the recitation of the Koran while being monitored by a highly sophisticated system at the clinic located in Panama City, Florida.

This study conducted 120 experiments on five volunteers of two sexes, different age groups, who were non-Muslim and did not understand Arabic. The experiment involved reciting verses of the Koran along with the plain Arabic text.

According to Every Muslim, the subjects of the experiment could not distinguish between the reciting of the Koran and the plain Arabic text. However, the experiment conducted by Dr Ahmed Al-Qadhi proved that there was a 97 percent positive effect on the experimental subjects who listened to the recitation of the Koran compared to those who only listened to the plain Arabic text. This proves that listening to the Koran can be medicine.

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Meanwhile, as reported by the Research Gate website, Dr Ahmed Al-Qadhi managed to prove that listening to the recitation of the verses of the Koran, whether they can speak Arabic or not, can feel a huge psychological change.

The object of research who listened to the reading of the Koran experienced a decrease in depression, decreased sadness, increased peace of mind, and warded off various diseases. This is the impact felt by the people who are the object of research.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Qadhi's research is supported by the latest electronic equipment to detect heart rate, muscle endurance, blood pressure, as well as skin resistance to electricity.

From the results of the experiment, it was concluded that reading the Koran has a major effect up to 97 percent can give birth to peace of mind and healing of disease.

Indeed, the discovery of Dr. Ahmed Al-Qadhi is not the only one. The same findings were also made by other researchers. Namely the discovery made by Muhammad Salim published by Boston University.

Both Dr Ahmed Al-Qadhi and Muhammad Salim proved that reciting the Koran aloud can cause vibrations that can make damaged cells in the human body heal and work properly.

This is in accordance with the word of Allah in the Koran Surah Al-Isra Verse 82,

"We send down the Koran as a healing and mercy for the believers, but it only increases the wrongdoers in loss."

Therefore, for people who are feeling stressed, anxious, anxious, suffering and even sick, it would be better if we fill our Work From Home (WFH) days by reciting and listening to the Koran a lot in the midst of this corona pandemic. Because the Koran, in addition to the holy book is also a medicine for us, both heart and body disease. Good luck!