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The benefits of ablution (wudu) for health must be known by Muslims. Every Muslim who wants to perform prayers and some other worship, is recommended to perform ablution first. Because this is a mandatory requirement in worship to purify oneself.

Ablution is obligatory if you want to perform prayers, thawaf, i'tikaf, and read or hold the Koran. Thus, ablution occupies an important position in worship. In fact, the validity of an act of worship depends on the method of ablution.

Ablution is an activity of purifying small hadats by washing certain limbs with holy water and purifying it accompanied by intention. In addition, ablution provides enormous benefits for health. Not just washing body parts with water, but also maintaining health and preventing various diseases.

The following is a review of the benefits of ablution for health that Muslims need to know, which is summarized from various sources.

1. Cleans Germs

Although ablution is not prescribed as a medicine. However, there are medical benefits that can improve human health. For example in everyday life, you touch things during your activities. So if you are diligent in performing ablution, you are sure to wash your hands and face with running water, then the germs will disappear.

From a medical point of view, Mokhtar Salem in his book, "Prayers: a Sport for the Body and Soul" explains that ablution can prevent skin cancer. This type of cancer is mostly caused by skin exposure to chemicals that stick to it every day and are absorbed by the skin. Cleaning it with water (ablution) at least five times a day is one effective way to prevent it.

2. Protects the Skin from Wrinkles

Another benefit of ablution is to protect the skin from wrinkles. Performing ablution by washing your face can actually help protect your face from wrinkles. Washing your face can rejuvenate facial skin cells and help prevent wrinkles.

In addition, we are also advised to perform ablution before going to bed. This includes the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad whose goal is for every Muslim to be in a holy condition in every situation, even when sleeping. Regarding this sunnah, Rasulullah the Messenger has explained in his words narrated from the friend Al Barra' bin 'Azib that  said: "When you come to your bed, then perform ablution as you do for prayer." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

3. Makes a Feeling of Calm and Comfortable

One of the other benefits of ablution for health is the feeling of being calmer and more comfortable. By doing ablution before going to bed, it will make you feel calmer and more comfortable. In addition, ablution water can also make the muscles in the body more relaxed and comfortable. When the muscles of the body are relaxed and the mind is comfortable, the quality of sleep will always be maintained.

4. Makes a Radiant Face

Another benefit of ablution is that the face will look radiant. Every Muslim who is accustomed to ablution, will leave marks on his/her face and hands. Even on the Day of Resurrection, the person who always performs ablution will have a bright face. Rasulullah the Messenger himself advised to exceed the body that is washed when doing ablution, so that on the Day of Resurrection it will look radiant. This is as explained in one of the following hadiths, which means: "Indeed, my people on the Day of Judgment will be ghurr and muhajjalun because of the ablution marks. Anyone who can lengthen his ghurr, do it!," (Narrated by Ahmad)

5. Maintains Skin Health

Ablution does have extraordinary benefits for health, one of which is preventing skin diseases. Someone who performs ablution before going to bed, at least five times a day, can keep his skin clean. In addition, ablution also functions effectively to protect the skin from various disease attacks.

6. Maintains Body Endurance

The next benefit of ablution is maintaining endurance. As quoted from NU Online, Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist, Leopold Werner von Ehrenfels, said that ablution makes the body healthier. The reason is, ablution water can stimulate the nerves of the body, so it can maintain endurance.

7. Removes Sins

Every Muslim who performs ablution will be forgiven for his mistakes and sins by Allah. In addition, doing ablution can also increase a person's degree and will always be given patience when facing things that are not liked. This is as stated in one of the hadiths, Rasulullah the Messenger said: "Would you like me to show you what makes Allah remove mistakes and elevate degrees?" The companions replied, "Of course, O Messenger of Allah." He continued, “Perfecting ablution on cold mornings, being patient with things that don't like it, taking more steps to the mosque, and waiting for prayer after prayer. That is usury," (Narrated by Muslim)

8. Overcomes Insomnia

The next benefit of ablution is overcoming the problem of insomnia. Ablution will make your muscles more relaxed, your mind calmer and more comfortable, and angels will always accompany you to sleep. In addition, by performing ablution before going to bed, it will make the body more relaxed and not tense. Therefore, every Muslim should perform ablution before sleeping so that Allah always protects him/her.

9. Improves Blood Circulation

Quoted in the book "The Power of Ablution Therapy" by Muhammad Syafie el-Bantanie, regular ablution can help improve blood circulation. When the skin comes into contact with water, there will be a normalization of body temperature due to the meeting of the hot temperature in the body with the cold temperature of the water. The body becomes cool and blood circulation becomes smooth. When the body's circulation is smooth, the heart's work becomes optimal. This prevents blockage of blood vessels and keeps the body from the risk of a heart attack.

10. Prevents Foot Fungus

Another benefit of ablution is that it can prevent foot fungus. Ablution by washing both feet can get rid of dirt, foot odor, prevent fungus, and dirt in the nail area. Usually dirty feet will be more susceptible to fungus. Thus feet that are always cleaned with ablution water will be cleaner than feet that have never been exposed to ablution water.